Bean Bag Catch

Age: 6-8
Location: Indoor, Outdoor
Set-up: Planned


  • Plastic milk container
  • Scissors
  • Bean bag or something similar (A good alternative is a sock filled with rice)


Take an empty milk bottle and cut a hole from across the two adjacent sides near the handle. Make the hole as large a possible but making sure there is 1 inch between the hole and the bottom of the milk bottle and about 3 inches from the handle. To make a bean bag, take and old sock and fill it with rice or beans. Make a knot at the end and flip the remaining end of the sock around around the ball of rice you created. Place the bean bag inside the milk bottle. If you have markers or paint, you can also have fun decorating the outside of the milk bottle and the bean bag!


Enjoy a day of tossing and catching! Have your child swing the bottle with the bean bag up and try to catch the bean bag inside the milk bottle once again.