Cereal Puzzle

Age: 3-5, 6-8
Location: All
Set-up: Planned


  • Scissors
  • Cereal box with interested images
  • Or magazine page that can be cut and pasted unto a thick piece of cardboard


Take the image you want to cut and divide it into equal pieces, usually 9 works well.


Have your child arrange the pieces into the original image. You can easily take the puzzle pieces with you to play in a restaurant or waiting room. If you have velcro, you can build a second board to stick the pieces on and play in the car or an airplane!

Another alternative to cutting already made images is to make your own images with you child having in mind that they will be cut and made into a puzzle. You can make a simple outline of an image and have him or her color it in. This way your child will be able to color, remember the image, and then put it back together all while having fun!