Age: 6-8
Location: Indoor, Travel, Waiting Set-up: Planned


  • A thick medium piece of cardboard
  • Rubber bands
  • Push pins


Take a medium piece of cardboard and create a grid of squares by placing push pins equal distance apart vertically and horizontally across the board. If you do not have a thick enough cardboard, you can stack thinner pieces of cardboard and stick them together with glue, tape, or the push pins. Make sure that the sharp edge of the push pins is not sticking out through the back of the board. If you have glue, it is a good idea to dip the sharp edge of the push pins before sticking them through the board so that they are stable and are not dangerous for your child.


With rubber bands, have your child create different geometric shapes by placing the rubber bands around the outter edges of the push pins. You can enjoy a game of two by having your child create one shape, and another player create another. May the person with the most shapes win!
Note: You can play the same game with a piece of paper and a pen. On a piece of paper draw dots to create the same grid you did on the board. Have your child create different shapes by connecting the dots.