Mini Golf

Age: 6-8
Location: Indoor
Set-up: Planned


  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Bottle Caps, coins, buttons, or anything that can fit through a toilet paper roll
  • 8 Toilet Paper Rolls or More
  • Cereal box or thin cardboard that can be cut through


Take a piece of cardboard and trace the shape of the toilet paper roll on the back. Cut holes a little bit smaller than the traced toilet paper roll. Cut four slits on each of the toilet paper rolls and fold them back. Tape each toilet paper roll using the tabs to the bottom of the cardboard piece. If you are using a cereal box, you can play with the different fold to make an angled ramp. Other wise, you can place the game on a flat surface with the toilet paper rolls facing down.


Using the object of your choice, have your child push or flick each object with his or her hand and try to get it through any of the holes.