Musical Rattles

Age: 1-2
Location: All
Set-up: Planned


  • Small or large plastic bottles bottles
  • Rice, aluminum foil, beans, or water
  • Optional: Scissors and tape


Take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with whichever ingredient you have available. Grains, seeds and solid objects are perfect for this game. You can fill different sized water bottles with different materials to create different noises. If you have aluminum foil, cut it into small strips and place inside the bottle for a subtle rattling sound. Make sure you twist the cap tightly after filling the plastic bottle so that nothing spills. If you have to large coke bottles, you can cut them in half and use the two top sections to create an even larger rattle. In this case, you should tape the ends of the coke bottle halves to ensure that they are tightly sealed.


Watch your toddler play with the various sounds and movements of the rattle.