Napkin Origami

Age: 6-8
Location: Travel, Waiting, Indoor
Set-up: Improvised


  • Napkins, paper, anything that can be folded to make simple origami
  • Pen or marker
  • Optional: Scissors


Start with a square piece of paper or cut the bottom end of a napkin to make a square. Fold and cease it diagonally.

Bring the left corner on top of the right corner, cease and fold.

Unfold this triangle so it lays flat again, then fold each corner upward to make the ears.

Lastly, fold the top corner of the triangle towards you to make the shape of the head.

Flip it over and draw a cat face on the other side.


You can follow the instructions to make this with your child and then let him or her pretend play with the origami animal. For other ideas see here.