Object Sorting

Age: 1-2, 3-5
Location: Indoor
Set-up: Planned


  • Different bottle caps, large buttons, or other objects colorful objects
  • Egg carton, or small containers to sort the objects
  • Optional: markers or paint


Gather objects of different colors or sizes. Make sure they are kid friendly to avoid any choking hazards.


Have your child sort the objects by size or color. Using an egg carton or different containers, you can have your child place the objects of different colors or size in the separate compartments. If you have paint or makers, you can color, or have you child color, the different sections of the egg carton or containers so that it is easier to identify where to place each object. If you are sorting by color, for example, you can paint the different holes of the egg carton red, blue, green and yellow and have your child put all the yellow buttons in the yellow section and so forth.