Tic Tac Toe

Age: 6-8
Location: All
Set-up: Improvised


  • Any utensil that can be used to create a grid of 9 squares
  • Two different types of objects that can be used to move inside the grid


is played with two players. Set up a tic tac toe board by making a grid of 9 with any utensil that is flat and long. If you are waiting at a restaurant, you can make the grid using forks, spoons, knives, or straws; in a waiting you can make the grid with pens and outside you can make the grid with sticks. Next choose 2 groups of objects that can be used to play the game. It can be 5 yellow sugar packets and 5 white sugar packets, 5 yellow papers and 5 white papers, 5 green leaves and 5 brown leaves, and so on. You can also play with a paper and pen (making the grid with the pen and assigning x's to one player and o's to the other). Now you are ready to begin to play!


Tic tac toe is played with two players. One player has one set of objects (for example green leaves) and the other another set of objects (brown leaves). The point of the game is to make a straight line with these objects within the grid. The straight line can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. One player places an object in the desired square within the grid. The next player now has to place an object in a place in the grid to either start to make the straight line or block the first player from making the straight line. The game goes on until one player makes the line. Enjoy this improvised game in long waits with your child!